Melissa, I had to write to thank you for another great cut and color. I don't know how you take this baby fine hair, put layers in it and make it look so thick and healthy! The manager at my restaurant said it too…my hair has looked better in the two years you have been cutting and coloring it than it has in the last 20! I have been lucky enough to have access to the best in Los Angeles and New York, and none have been able to accomplish what you have from the very first cut/color you gave me. You have a client for life…thanks again! It doesn't hurt that you make it such a positive experience as well…I truly look forward to seeing you! 
– Amy F.

Three years ago, my daughter called to tell me she had found a hairdresser who could actually cut curly, curly hair. She made an appointment with Melissa for me. I have always been unhappy with the cuts I have gotten for my curly hair. That all changed after Melissa cut and colored my hair. It was the best cut and natural looking color I had ever received. She knows how to layer and tame curly hair.  I'll never trust anyone else with my hair.
– Julie C.

Melissa is amazing! I read the reviews on here, made an appointment, and in a brave moment told Melissa to do whatever she wanted to my hair…that she had complete artistic license to do as she wished. What I received was the best haircut ever. She is a phenomenal artist and now I can understand why her clients fly in to see her. She's truly irreplaceable. 
– L.A.

Alright…so I've been meaning to write a review for Melissa since I saw her last year…let me tell you, I have a nickname in my language and it means (you can laugh), Baldy. Seriously, my hair is thin and there isn't much there. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not bald NOW, but I didn't have much hair as a baby. Okay, so let's get to the point…I have tried all the nice looking (expensive!) salons out there…trust me when I say I have been to them ALL. So I figured since I'm dropping money like it grows on trees, why not search for a nice salon….after a few days of contemplating it over and over again, I made that first appointment. I WILL NEVER GO TO ANYONE ELSE! She gave me these beautiful layers that made my hair sing and dance when I walked out of the salon. It was AMAZING to say the least. Believe me ladies…Melissa saved my hair. She seriously is so knowledgeable of everything about hair that it freaked me out, I was in awe as to know how much there is to know! I had dead ends from dyeing it all sorts and trying and that product. My ends did not want to live and Melissa brought them back to life. She isn't pushy, telling you to buy this and that, she suggests products to you and I can honestly tell you she genuinely wants to help your hair and you too, of course…Okay, so in short…because I think I'm blabbering…SHE'S THE BEST in every aspect. You will not be disappointed. Trust.
– Rithy H.

I just visited (and met) Melissa this past Saturday after reading many positive reviews about her…I needed a cut and color and was incredibly pleased with the results. Melissa is extremely patient and takes time to extrapolate how you want your hair to look. This allowed me to focus and relax, so I could communicate what I wanted. Melissa gave me a fantastic haircut -- and I have curly, unruly hair -- and gorgeous "5-star" color. For my money, she is as good as anybody cutting and coloring hair in this town. She's got my business, for life!
– Judy K.

Melissa's hair styling and her ability to communicate her vision of what is needed to make a great style fitted to your face shape, coloring and lifestyle is awesome! She took my stick straight, hard-to-cut hair and gave me real style, not just a "cut" and she corrected previous color and made it flattering to my best features. My hair is as easy to care for as it has ever been. She is extremely professional and trustworthy, prompt, and conversationally engaging! It's great to get a fantastic cut, enjoy relaxing ambience, and feel like I've been on a retreat from my busy days for a few hours.
– Mary H.

Yes, I am one of those naughty people who gets on a plane to get her hair done. Why? Because Melissa is in Westwood, and I am in Silicon Valley. I love her work. Melissa is 100% there. Her warmth, charm, glamour and humor are icing on the cake.
– Peggy W.

Melissa has given me the first good haircut I've had since 1989.  1989. Eighteen good years wasted. My life and I would like to leave Los Angeles, but now we can't. Thanks, Melissa. Seriously, your sense of style and attention to detail is stunning. You've spoiled me.
– Eric W.

You will love what Melissa will do for your hair! I've had many stylists during my 17 years living in West L.A. Melissa is by far the best. She is really tops in her profession. She is amazingly talented with a pair of scissors. She'll give you a perfect cut that's easy to style, looks awesome, and really matches what you're looking for. She knows just how to shape the layers, etc, to give you a great look. I also get my hair highlighted with her and that's great, too! My hair looks really natural (because that's what I asked her for), but has great color and has stayed in good condition, too! She's a real expert with hair. On top of that, she is really good at getting to know you and to understand what kind of look you want to go with your personality. She does a great job for me, but also for my two sons. No matter who you are, I think you'll be really happy with your hair if you give Melissa a try.
– Jennifer M.

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with my hair! You have no idea the amount of stress my hair used to bring me, but thanks to you, those days are over. I love my highlights and I just wanted to are sure you know how much you are appreciated!
– Stacy H.

I've never returned to hairstylist in Los Angeles before because I never felt like I got the respect or results that Melissa gives me every time!
– Lauren Hayes, Metal Skool

Melissa knows how to please even a picky bitch like me!
– Eric Erlandson, Hole

Melissa is a great hairstylist and also a great person!
– Alexis Denisof, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'

I had Melissa cut my hair three times and all three times it came out well...the best part is I not only get a great haircut, it grows out quite well too.  One time, I told her I wanted to go short. She cut it very short and I was scared. I am glad she pushed my boundaries though. I hated it when I tell the stylist to go short and they are afraid so they cut off only an inch and I basically have the same haircut I came in with. I would recommend her to anyone.
– Valerie L.

Melissa is my favorite hair stylist. I live in San Francisco and plan my hair cuts and colors around my trips to LA, so that she can do my hair. As a performer, my hair is very important (for me as well, perhaps too important) and I trust Melissa completely. I am also very particular and like to keep my hair long, healthy, stylish and colored vividly, which is a tall order. Melissa has managed to maintain and update my best looks for years, and I am so grateful for this. She is also an immense joy to be with, it is always a pleasure to be in her chair.
– Sofia D.

Girrrrrrrrrl, I miss you so much. I'll have to make an appointment with you before my wedding. HA! The layers, the high and low-lights, and when I get a wild hair....gorgeous RED or a modern mullet. A true artist. Never disappoints. Not even way back in the experimental days in her kitchen. Love you lady!
– Ashlee C.

 I first met Melissa after reading a review by someone who had moved but was still flying into LA to have her hair cut and colored by Melissa. I figured if she's that good, I'd give it a try.  I have very thick, wavy, curly, unruly hair that most people can't cut. Melissa can handle it with no problem. She's an amazing artist. I tell her to do whatever she wants with it and each and every time, she gives the kind of hair cut that makes strangers stop and compliment the hairstyle. That's never happened before. She also knows that I'm someone who won't spend time styling or primping, so she always gives me a low maintenance haircut that I can just wash and go. She's great at coloring -- the color is completely natural and blends in with my hair. It's non-toxic and doesn't fade. I highly recommend Melissa!
– L.A.

Those who are fortunate enough to be able to sit in Melissa's chair quickly discover that they are in the hands of a true hair maestro -- an experience that's simultaneously relaxing and exciting. Few stylists -- whether in London, New York, San Francisco, or LA -- have listened as attentively to what I want and then imbued my hair with as much creativity (synergized by my vision and her virtuosity), as Melissa. Coiffure connoisseurs, give yourselves a treat and let Melissa work her magic on your hair.
– Shalom O.

This woman has talent!!!! I don't even live in LA anymore, I'm on the East Coast, but when I'm planning a visit out west, I make sure to let my hair grow out so she can mold it magically into something wonderful for me! My haircuts grow out beautifully, and Melissa has a great deal of respect for what YOU are looking for. She's great in guiding you if you're not sure, but if you already know what you want, she can get you there. Plus, she's a real sweetie!
– Kerry M.

Melissa made me love my hair again! She listens to what you say but doesn't let you rule with an iron fist (you know who you are, the ones who say, I leave it up to you but don't change my color and just trim my ends). She is incredibly committed to being eco-friendly and respects your time....now I'm happy and beautiful. Well worth the price. Thanks, Melissa!
– Patricia P.

Melissa is amazing! I read the reviews on here, made an appointment, and in a brave moment told Melissa to do whatever she wanted to my hair...that she had complete artistic license to do as she wished. What I received was the best haircut ever. She is a phenomenal artist and now I can understand why her clients fly in to see her. She's truly irreplaceable...if I ever move from LA, I will be flying in to see her as well.
– L.A.

I am sort of hesitant about putting up a review for Melissa because I don't want it to be any more difficult to get an appointment with her! Well, here goes. This is HANDS DOWN the BEST haircut I have ever had in my life! Not only that, her color is superb. This woman knows what she is doing. I love her. Yes, I said it! I love Melissa!
– Susan F.

I did the unthinkable...leave my hairdresser of seven years...GASP! I was so terrified to go to someone else, but after a chain of lackluster haircuts, I had to make the change. It was the week before I had to be in a wedding and I put all my trust into Melissa. The haircut was superb and the color was natural but phenomenal. On top of that, what used to take hours in the salon sitting with your hair in those terrible heat helmets, took only an hour! Melissa appreciates every one of her clients. She appreciates our time, money and our desire to loo the best. I can't emphasize everyone's review of her personality. One of the most genuine, kind and easy going people I've met in a long while. Just a pleasure to spend time with. Five stars, Melissa is "as good as it gets!"
– P.P.

Melissa Pursley is amazing! She listens and has a killer natural instinct about which hair color and cut will work best on you individually. Unlike most hairstylists, she won't pressure you to cut off more than you're comfortable with either.
– Lucky S.

Book with Melissa! She always does a fabulous job and really listens to what you are looking for, what your lifestyle is -- meaning are you really going to style your hair or do you need something easy breezy that still looks fantastic. I actually look forward to my time in the chair to catch up on life and my hair (LOL)...thank you!!!
– Lisa K.

I had my hair done by Melissa. Not only did she doe a great job but she is unbelievably awesome. I went from long hair to super short hair and I don't think I could have had a better person to do it. Cut is amazing and she gave me good advice on what products to use for my hair. Thank you lady!!
– Jenna C.

Trying to find a stylist is a lot like dating...it's hard to find just the right one, but once you do, they're a keeper. For me...this is MELISSA! She's an absolute phenomenal stylist! Extremely talented, super fun and easy going! I went in with a mop of heavy hair mess, showed her a picture of the layers I had in mind and she created a masterpiece -- an uplifted low maintenance cut (most layered cuts need blow drying to draw out the texture -- these cuts are not for me), with an even more gorgeous highlighted color to give me the glow I'd been looking for since I left my old stylist in Washington State. I have never been more complimented on a cut/color! If you're looking for a talented stylist to groom your locks -- she's your gal!
– Angela B.

Just got my first cut and highlights with Melissa. She listened and gave me exactly what I asked for. I didn't even have a photo! Just explained the look I wanted and she got it. She listened to my needs and gave me a very nice cut and advice for styling that suited me personally. Two days later and I've actually been able to style my hair just like Melissa did! That usually doesn't happen. Melissa knows her stuff! She's very professional, talented and friendly. I highly recommend her!
– Stephanie P.

Melissa is one of those stylists you always hope to find but never really expect to. The creativity just kind of flows -- she makes it look so easy! I've walked out twice with EXACTLY what I asked for both times, and it's accomplished with great skill. I have thick, coarse, difficult hair but her cut lays in perfectly blow dry after blow dry. She gave my color great dimension and in the exact shade I requested. Walked out of there one happy woman, and without question, will go back. Feels great to sit confidently into a stylist's chair instead of praying they won't screw it up. 
– G.G.

Melissa has been saving my life month after month for over two years now. Dude, I'm veeeery vain when it comes to my hair but Melissa...hmmmm. With her I don't have to worry about leaving the salon thinking, "What the heck do I have on my head?" Do I have to say more?
– Alex R.

Melissa is not only a fantastic hairstylist and artist, but she is also a fantastic human being. She is deep, emotive, caring and nurturing, both in regards to your personal style, and life itself. As my mother is also a stylist, I had never had another person work on my hair up until this point. After moving to LA from New York, however, it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to fly home very time I needed a trim! I researched salons (with my mother) around both Downtown LA and Westwood, and Melissa came out on top with rave reviews. I now know why! She made it a very fulfilling experience, rather than the terrifying one that I was expecting. She listens to what you want, and in my case, followed the pictures I brought in with meticulous care. Working with my hair for the first time (which is very thin and fine), she really took her time and got a feel for how it worked before, and instead of, just jumping right in. She kept me engaged in the process every step of the way (color and cut), and stimulated with thoughtful and thought-provoking conversation about who I am, who she is and what life means to both of us. I really can't say enough good words about her skill, artistry, style and persona. GO see her. You won't be disappointed.
– Brianna S.

Melissa Pursley is the only person who ever created a stylist look on me. My life is hectic so I have no time to fuss endlessly. She set me up with a cut that was great whether I wore it wash-n-go or took the time to gloss it up. I really appreciated her willingness to stay within what I was comfortable with and her ability to match me with the right products. Then, when after years when I said, "I need a change," she knew just what to do. And she was right, I loved it! She is very, very good at color, too!
– Candace V.

Melissa is absolutely incredible! I have curly hair and have spent 23 years trying to find someone who could cut my  hair properly and give me the style I wanted at the same time. The minute I sat down in Melissa's chair I knew she was that person. She is confident, more than capable, and an incredible hairstylist. She gave me the haircut I've always wanted, but was never able to get from other stylists. I will never let anyone else cut my hair ever again!
– Lauren C.

I just got back from my first haircut and highlight with Melissa. I cannot overstate how happy I was with the ambience, service, and end product. Melissa is a great communicator and very comfortable in conversation. She listened like a pro and then provided a very articular conceptualization of what I was hoping for in my haircut. Melissa cut my hair into a short, A-line bob with partial, very natural highlights. I could not be more pleased with my hair or my overall experience and recommend her without reservation! She is terrific -- a real find!
– Alyssa M.

Melissa rocks! First, she's never in a hurry and always takes time to listen to see where you're at and what kind of look or cut you're going for. She is so creative and her vision is so awesome that she takes what you're looking for and turns it into something that much more amazing. I have all the confidence in the world in Melissa and would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a great style or cut.
– D.A.

I highly recommend Melissa because she apparently has made a positive difference in my appearance based on the many compliments that I have received about my hair that I never before received. I am told that my highlights look natural and flattering and that my haircut is perfect for me. Indeed, I appreciate that Melissa is so talented that she can provide both color and a cut. Additionally, I am grateful that she does both services so well that my hair is manageable and looks attractive even when due for another appointment.
– Travis K.

Melissa has always done a fabulous job with my frizzy, ill-mannered, heavily processed hair. She is gifted with color and cuts. No matter what I do -- highlights or lowlights -- she blends them perfectly, hides my emerging gray and strips years away. Melissa is just as talented with  her stylish cuts. She understands hair texture and what works for each person. Result: a super sexy cut and flawless color! Couldn't recommend Melissa more. On top of that, she's just as great to get to know -- a super sweet, glamorous gal. Gotta love her!
– Jennifer B.

Melissa really brings out the style without making me look stupid! I'm not Brad Pitt, so Melissa had to work extra hard defining an image for this middle aged rock musician. At 42 and as shallow as it seems, I still think my appearance defines me. Short hair just wasn't right for me. I wanted to feel that mop-top freedom without looking like a silly poser. My hair was thinning, turning grey, and the ends would curl up if I tried to grow it out past my ears. Melissa straightened it and took the time to razor every hair individually according to my rather asymmetrical large head. The BEST I've ever felt about myself. Thank you, Melissa!
– Glenn J.

For being my first haircut as a Los Angeles resident, I must say that I was very lucky to have it be with Melissa. She was extremely informative in regards to products to use with my hair type and also how to style it to get the desired look I want. She was very welcoming, pleasant, and made my haircut experience very enjoyable. Succinctly, Melissa did a very good job and I'm extremely happy with my cut.
– Ryan M.